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The connector cable is to connect the mobile VX680 credit card terminal to the VX680 power supply.  This is then connected to the VX680 power cable, providing the ability to both power the terminal and charge the battery.  ..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Ingenico car charger for use with models EFT930B and EFT 930S. Can easily charge a mobile EFT930 credit card terminal. Express delivery available...
Ex Tax:£20.00
Ingenico car charger adaptor for use with Ingenico models iWL220, iWL250, iWL251 & iWL252. Charges Ingenico iWL series terminal easily whilst on the move. Express delivery available...
Ex Tax:£24.50
Ingenico travel charger cable to allow charging when used with the Ingenico 930 series power supply unit. For use with the Ingenico EFT930 series terminals. Express delivery available...
Ex Tax:£8.75
The Spire BT cord/modem cable for terminals used in the UK. This connects a terminal to a telephone line. Compatible with Spire/Hypercom T/M4200 series. If you are a customer from the Republic of Ireland and require a replacement telephone lead, please calls our sales team for a qu..
Ex Tax:£5.00
The Spire car charger adaptor for use with the Spire M4230 GPRS terminal. This connects the terminal to the cigarette lighter in a vehicle to ensure the credit card terminal charges whilst on the move...
Ex Tax:£32.00
This Spire ethernet cable is 1.90m in length and connects a Spire 4200 series credit card terminal to the internet.  Compatible with Spire/Hypercom T/M4200 series. For use with the following machines: Spire T4210 Spire T4220 Spire M4230 Spire M4240..
Ex Tax:£5.00
The Spire pairing cable or serial cable is specifically for a Spire M4240 bluetooth credit card terminal. This cable is designed to connect a terminal to the bluetooth base so that the base pairs with the terminal as the one to be used with the bluetooth base. The cable is used upon ..
Ex Tax:£5.94
The Spire power supply extension cable is 1.90m in length and provides the ability to move the terminal further away from your power supply whilst still keeping it plugged in, thus providing greater flexibility in the positioning of the terminal on the counter top. Compatible with all Spire/Hyp..
Ex Tax:£3.00
VeriFone VX610 power cord. Approved by VeriFone to power a VX610 charging base or VX610 power supply. Also compatible with VX510, VX610, VX570, VX670, VX810 & VX810 Duet, and VX820 credit card terminals..
Ex Tax:£6.25
Keeps the VeriFone VX670 credit card terminal fully charged whilst on the move.  ***Will only work with NEW version*** If you require the old version please order product code VX670/CAR/CHARGER..
Ex Tax:£43.00
Keeps the VeriFone VX670 credit card terminal fully charged whilst on the move.  ***Will only work with OLD version.*** If you require the new version please order product code VX670/CAR/CHARGER/2  ..
Ex Tax:£43.00
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