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57 x 55mm Thermal paper rolls are compatible with the following credit card terminals: Hypercom Artema Desktop, Hypercom Artema Hybrid, Hypercom ICE5700Plus, Hypercom ICE6500, Hypercom ICE5500Plus, Hypercom ICE7000, Hypercom Optimum T4100 Hypercom T7PT Ingenico F45, Ingenico TT41 (Thermal), In..
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80 x 60 x 12.7 Thermal Paper Till Rolls (box of 20) FREE DELIVERY
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Till rolls direct from a UK manufacturer PDQ consumables high quality 80x60mm thermal rolls.  Express delivery available. For use with the following models. If you need more information on other Till Rolls, please visit our homepage. Casio Citizen Epson Sharp Uniwell..
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80 x 80mm Thermal paper till rolls direct to you from a UK manufacturer.  High grade thermal paper rolls for tills and EPOS printers listed below. If you can't find what you are looking for, go to our Till Rolls homepage. Aures Posligne HSP-7000, Aures Posligne ODP-1000, ..
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